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The Best Bad Game

Written, Voiced, and Edited by Lucas Raycevick
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Music List (In-Order)
Marilyn Manson – Corp. Umbrella
Marco Beltrami – Secret Lab Discovery
EDISON – Asian Comfort
Herbert Chappell – The Gonk
EDISON – Don’t Stop (Guitar Version)
Donkey Kong Country Soundtrack
Marco Beltrami – Alice Kicks Ass
Tom Rothrock – Briefcase
EDISON – Don’t Look Behind (Requiem Version)
EDISON – Memories of Venezuela
Miracle of Sound – Hammer the Buttons and Wiggle the Sticks
The Ceasers – Jerk It Out

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33 Responses

  1. chaosof99

    I'm new to your content and liked it so far, particularly your "Years Later" series. Then I heard the music of Black Lagoon in this video and now I love it.

  2. HotlineChernobyl

    Can I say, that music choice was BRILLIANT! When I heard Black lagoons ED I felt lovely twinge of nostalgia, and Miracle of sounds Resi 6 song was a lovely closer

  3. ryan richardson

    Hell yeah, man. Me and my friend picked it up for £6.50 each on the PS store the other week and we're having an absolute blast playing this shit together. Most fun I've had online in a long ass time. It's so fucking dumb I love it.

  4. The Gopnik Bandit

    I have been playing this game with my brother and we love the game for the dumb things that happen in it

  5. Ben Flowers

    The No Mercy version of Mercenaries mode was really the only reason me and my friends played RE6.
    After getting good at that mode youre pretty much a god at the game, so the main story scenarios never really felt fun.
    Honestly though No Mercy Mercs elevated this game to one of my favorite arcade shooters of all time.

  6. EdisLeado

    The fact that you can perform completely ridiculous, and unnecessary flips, and slides while shooting zombies makes the game for me.

  7. Adrien914

    Re5 and Revelations 2 are definitelly 2 of my best if not the best coop experiences i've had. Re6 isn't, the gameplay was just way too boring

  8. Kacper Bywalec

    Also, R6 is one of those. Those good old B movies, the stright faced ones, ones that don't ride "We are B grade and we know it", self aware bullshit. This is the the old B movie, one no matter the stupidity and hillariocity, takes itself serious.
    It's not The Room (Limbo of the lost took that title), but it's The Happening of video games

  9. Kacper Bywalec

    I like the C-virus and mutations it causes. I like the guys who transform according to where they got damaged

  10. Brooks Alderman

    This review reminds me of Josh Butterballs' reviews from Arby N' the Chief: "Resident Evil 5 is fun, but it's just not scary."

  11. Kyo Saito

    A friend asked me to play this together with him, i warned him i don't play horror that much and he said it's ok and yeah we laughed most of the time rather than being scared.
    As you said, we burst off laughing nonstop when there's something out of place happened. There was one time we found out about crawling mechanic and just decided to have a crawl race till the end of the hallway or fight the zombies while crawling lol.

  12. Spectral

    I have just finished this game with my buddy for the first time. And we played it only because this video exists.

    I can confirm everything that Raycevick said: It was fun in terms of coop shenanigans,
    but as a "singleplayer", story-driven, survival horror game… It was one of the worst games i have ever played.

  13. Wings of Prophecy

    My unofficial nickname for this trainwreck is "Call of Evil: Resident Duty". This would have made for a great spinoff game with Helena and Piers, but adding Ada/Leon/Chris/Jake(Sherry is pretty much a joke) just felt like an insult. I really dug RE5, despite it's flaws, as well.
    6 just took itself way too seriously, on top of the Michael Bay over the top action. Those two factors did not mix…

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