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Straight people, what have you always wanted to ask the LGBT community?

Straight people of reddit, what questions do you have for the LGBTQ community?

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44 Responses

  1. What Is Wrong With Me

    This is so positive 🙂
    As someone who is literally constantly floating through the entire spectrum (I’m like, majorly fluid. Gender, sexuality, consistently changing), I feel like I’m confused as to which side I should be on — asking or answering?
    Anyway, some stuff about me cause I know it’s not really common to find someone as fluid in this stuff as me, so, uh, yeah. Ask any questions you may have, if you want.

    1.What pronouns do I use? To make things easier on myself and others, I use they/them.
    2. Do I change my pronouns? Nope!
    3. Do I have multiple names? Yes! I don’t switch between them all the time, a lot of the time I stick with my chosen name, but other times I’m fine with dead name, and other times I have a different name, etc.
    4. Sexuality? Fluid? How? Well, I’m pretty much always switching between a lot of them. I don’t really choose to identify as a single one, cause I don’t really like labels. You could argue that I’m pansexual, but then I randomly become gay cause I’m identifying as more male Zand become attracted to a man for some reason. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, cause if I like you, I’ll tell you.
    5. What’s it like? Exhausting. I only have really feminine clothes, so dressing up more masculine, or even gender neutral, so I can feel more comfortable, is a bit of a challenge. I can spend hours on my appearance so I appear more female, but then I switch and I’m suddenly on the opposite side of the spectrum. But, it’s something I’m learning to deal with.

  2. Julia Johansson

    Biological gender is a combination of many things, such as hormones, psychology, society, chromosomes, expression and physiology. If you are a person with extra or missing sex chromosomes you might not even know it in some cases, like a woman with XXX chromosomes or a man with XYY. If you're an XY woman you're not biologically a male, you just have XY chromosomes. Source: Biology studies and professors at university. I am also recently graduate. Hooray, hooray! ^o^

  3. J S

    I have a LGBTQ terminology question. Is the term "Queen" exclusive to effeminate gay men or can it be applied to a trans person?

  4. Alyssa Matsuoka

    Ooo I have a question! If you could choose your sexuality, would you be straight? Or stay as a member of the LGBT community?

  5. Alex Evans

    To the person who asked how we ‘feel’ like a man or a woman. It’s like always thinking that you’re a boy because you just always have and you always included yourself with the boys because well, you’re a boy. Then you have people telling you you’re a girl and you just don’t understand. From then on it’s like playing a part that isn’t you. Yeah I still have feminine qualities, but every man does. It’s just completely feeling out of touch with your body. It’s like it not even being your body and you don’t understand why. I once even asked a health teacher in elementary school when my penis would grow. It wasn’t like a strange question, I genuinely just thought I was growing it late. It’s like there’s any other male and they just randomly woke up with tits and a vagina and everyone just completely saw them as a woman. But you can’t just change it immediately. You have to go through painful and long surgeries and treatments to just go along with their life. I’m not really sure how to explain it tbh. Also as a gay person the gay accent is actually not as common as you think but also more than you think lol. I’ve definitely got it but a decent amount of my gay friends don’t but a lot do. I wouldn’t say it’s a purposeful thing I’ve kind of just always talked like it lol.

  6. Rosebud

    The transwoman post was disgustingly insulting. Being uncomfortable with being male or wishing you were the opposite sex does not make you a woman. Being a woman is no more and no less than existing as an adult human female. It's not an identity, it's an existence.
    Transwomen aren't women, and that's okay. It's not degrading to say that because it's a fact of reality. Reducing our bodily existence to some abstract identity is what's degrading.

  7. Just A Boring Vegetarian

    I'm not straight (Asexual) but I've been told I 'don't belong in the Community' and pride isn't for me. Because I don't want sex/to get married/date and pride and community is for LGBT people to marry/love/have sex with who they want. That has made me resentful of the whole thing. How do I ask others if they also have mixed feelings about the community and pride?

  8. Elijah Schleich

    The one about stariaght guys immediately thinking a gay or bi guy will try and put the moves on them. Like seriously I relate to that! And most of them that say that are either ugly af, or annoying as hell just seeking attention and confused.

  9. Kaya Cross

    The answer to the how did you know you were trans question was so good and I need the link to that so when I see people bash trans people on Facebook I can redirect to that. (I'm not trans or gay. Just all support 😅)

    Edit. I found it https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/gmrtbl/comment/fr5xdmr

  10. Jules Gainey

    To trans women: who are you for? if I wanted someone with a penis, don’t you think I’d pick A STRAIGHT MAN? Who wants a dude who “identifies as a woman?

  11. Comic HB

    The answer of the trans woman around 4:36 is amazing. I'm a trans man and I wouldn't put it better. And the fact that she mentioned she knew she was still biological male is great. That's the issue with a lot of trans people they don't want to accept that we can't change our chromosomes. But we can change our gender. And be respected and treated the right way even after saying we know basic biology. Transgenderism is backed up by science and we should be proud of that as it is helping a lot of people that otherwise wouldn't have accepted it understand us better. Gender dysphoria is real and a pain. Amazing.

  12. Shinobi 28

    … After seeing the thumbnail, all I can think is that guy from the meme asking "why you eat da poo poo?" Rotfl

  13. EE BB

    I'm a straight male, but I prefer to be friends with gay guys just because they're very nice and often times great people majority of gay guys I've met have been super nice and just over all amazing people to be friends with. I wouldn't think that a gay guy would want to make a move on me because they are better at respecting boundaries then some straight guys. I really hate the negativity centered around being gay, It's not just gay guys the lesbian women I've met have been great people as well.

  14. BitterCritter

    I’m Bi but I do have a question:

    Aren’t Pan and Bi just the same thing? Hear me out:

    There are multiple genders but only 2 sexes, and sexuality is based on sex not gender.

    You can’t be attracted to a gender, it’s not a tangible thing. You can be attracted to stereotypes of a gender, but that’s to do with preferences, not sexuality.

    In my opinion, pansexuality is the exact same thing as bisexuality, except it’s for the ppl who are 50/50 and Bisexual usually refers to someone with a preference.

    Is this about right, or am I missing something? (Plz Don’t Just say “Pan is abt the person” bc that means that it’s a 50/50 attraction, and the specifics of the person are the only thing leading you to chose someone)

  15. Tribasic2 gaming

    Here's a question for the masses of the LGBT: Why tf should anyone care that you're gay or whatnot? I perceive the LGBT group itself as just attention seekers and for what gain?

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