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iOS 13 – iOS 13.5 has been ok, but iOS 14 Should be great

iOS 13 through iOS 13.5 has had it’s issues and bugs on iPhone and iPad, but based on iOS 12, iOS 10, iOS 14 should be much better. In this video I show you how many updates iOS 10 had, iOS 11 had, iOS 12 and iOS 13 has had up until May each year. I also talk about how Apple improves iOS greatly every other year. I also talk about the iOS 14 release date and iOS 13 on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. #ios13 #ios14 #apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:17 – iOS versions
01:34 – iOS 10
02:07 – iOS 12
02:39 – iOS 13
02:54 – iOS update history
03:44 – iOS 14
04:37 – iOS 14 features
05:48 – iOS Update cycle
05:59 – Community Poll
06:58 – Comments
08:45 – When does iOS 14 come out?
09:25 – Conclusion
09:44 – Outro
10:04 – End
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46 Responses

  1. zollotech

    I can't wait for iOS 14, how about you? This time around iOS 14 should be much better than iOS 13 statistically. Thanks for watching!

  2. Timmi

    I reluctantly updated my MacBook Air 2014 (early) 2 days ago, and now I’ve got my iPhone, iPad and MBA in DARK MODE! Love it! 💚
    I’d love to see aesthetic changes!

  3. Gary Flint

    This is why people have jailbroken there phone nothing new year after year. Now again iOS 14 is gonna be bug fixes ! That was iOS 13 was for

  4. Malsaeed 55

    I am facing lots of issues with iOS 13.5 in my iPhone X always getting stuck and sometimes the keyword don't work !!!! Its the worst ios I use !!!!!

  5. Zachary Wright

    Zollotech battery has been less that ideal for me on 11 pro max , 98% health and had iOS 13.5 for 4days now. Battery getting around 10 hrs screen on. On previous versions easily been getting 11-12 hrs and sometimes more. Strange everyone else saying battery is amazing. I disagree, unless it takes 2 weeks to index. Mail has been a nightmare as well. No notifications and error sending emails 😑

  6. dc

    13.5 with 7+, some apps closing on background, like youtube. Hey Siri sometimes opens but is not listening ( this is new ), mail badges still not working.

  7. Murad Alkaff

    iOS 13.5 is not good as 13.4
    I noticed that battery is consumed too quickly and my iPhone is getting hotter even if I use only WhatsApp.

  8. Chris H

    iOS 13 was a disaster. Still is. The number of false touches is ridiculous. The Wi-fi network selection is a joke and it hangs internet unless rest every 2 seconds. I will be very weary of 14. Ps can I go back to 12 without jail braking?

  9. Chris H

    Oh the finger print sensor on the iPhone 6 is a bit screwey..? Oh really. That thing was the worst piece of carp apple ever produced. I hated that whole phone with a passion. …and breath. Pffpffpfff

  10. Glenn Stokes

    New editions of IOS do seem to be better, eventually, once the programming flaws are discovered worldwide and get fixed.
    IOS 13.5 caused all of my email accounts on my iPhone 7S Plus and iPad Pro stop working and gave server not found errors.
    I called tech support and the support lady was very nice and tried very diligently to help solve the problem, to no avail.
    Then, suddenly one morning, email started working on both devices.
    I updated to 13.5 immediately so maybe this was my mistake; perhaps I should have waited until Apple got 13.5 fixed.
    Change can be good, although sometime confusing and it takes this old dog longer each year to unlearn the old and learn the new.
    But change can be bad when there are programming flaws, ,eg. “bugs”.
    So I will wait for perhaps 2 months to update to IOS 14.
    This will give time for the programming flaws to be fixed and time to learn on YouTube what the changes are and how to use them.

  11. Ladislav Radóczi

    Hello aron … can you try allso downlod speed on wifi? i know more people that have problems with download speed on iphone (not only on beta) i have iphone 8 and speedtest result can’t go more than 130Mbps while upload test is about 360 ( before there was problem with bluetooth) Thanks your subscriber 😉

  12. Amber Harris

    iOS 14 should be more stable IOS 13 is ok the only main problem I have with IOS 13 is the battery drain and sometimes my apps tend to freeze up like chrome when I’m on YouTube.

  13. Lucian Palievici

    The battery life is way worse on my iPhone 11 Pro than the 13.4.1 version. I’m frustrated that I cannot install 13.4.1 because it is not signed anymore.

  14. Jishu John

    Ios 13 is to buggy where many bugs like devise used to stop charging after 80%, when open a safari a app used to open. Touch issue. Which apple service centre have accepted that its a part of ios 13 only.
    In short some features in iOS 13 were dark mode, download manager in safari, and many more.

  15. strike3

    They reeeeaaaalllly need to update the UI. Need a new phone UI, notifications and better RAM/Multitasking management. I hate I have to keep some apps open in the foreground in order for them to continue running.

  16. Neil Boardman

    It's not just iOS 13 that's such a mess, macOS Catalina is equally appalling. In all my years as a Apple user I've never known such massive os x updates to try to rectify issues.

  17. VKL Akimbo

    Hey Aaron, some YouTubers, like Brandon Butch, say that wireless charging is bad because it damages your battery by a higher voltage going into the iPhone's battery when you place the phone in top of the wireless charger. Is this true or is that a lie?

  18. Scott Donigian

    Love dark mode so IOS 13 wins in a landslide, just wish Facebook and a few other sites had the DM capability. Is the lock screen really necessary when we use Face ID to open the menu? Why not give us the option to eliminate that swipe up step and take us straight to the app screen once the phone confirms identity? I hope this feature becomes available.

  19. Thomas Lindsay

    I sold my iPhone 11 Pro Max today best thing I ever did the only thing I own by Apple now is a iPad I sold watch and phone as iOS not as good I just ordered Samsung S20 ultra 128GB etc As so much more stuff then the iPhone

  20. Dennis W

    I have an old iPhone 4 that has iOS 7 on it. That is the last version available for it. That phone is basically an iPod anymore. Microsoft seems to screw up every other version too. iOS 12 had a lot less bugs than 13 has. Annon call blocking is the best thing about iOS13

  21. Phone Daft

    Since owning my Apple Watch series 4 I’m now experiencing the best battery life so far. The most recent update has done WONDERS. Seriously good.

  22. Brandon Dammers

    I’m on my iPhone 11 Pro Max and updated it to 13.5 since yesterday. Love this phone. Midnight Green 256GB

  23. Coco & Share

    my favorite part of ios 13 is the little update to the music sheet in apple music and the speed of navigation 🙂

  24. kwl189

    Looking forward to iOS 14 providing more stability and therefore quality. Better performance and battery life is a must. No point having features like Android if we lose what makes iOS so great. Fix the damn mail refresh bugs and vpn.

  25. Gray Michaels

    Ios13 has been the best for me, mostly because of massive improvements in Reminders and Notes. This was a game changer, it made me switch from Evernote and Things3.

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