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I tried the CeraVe MOISTURIZING CREAM for ONE WEEK! (not as moisturizing as I thought…)

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43 Responses

  1. Matt Randon

    US: https://amzn.to/2ZakEnq
    UK: https://amzn.to/2WXruKc

    Some of the links included might be affiliate links! all it means it that id be earning a commission off your purchase BUT you wont have to pay more ma'am. So if you wanna support me and help me make more vids then id love for you to use these links!!❤️

  2. Onrie Barbanida

    I wonder if i can pair this with TO Buffet? 😂 hmmm .looking for a good mositurizer to pair it with that doesn't have so much irritating ingredients

  3. Upasana Chowdhury

    Hiii, I kinda need help with my skin care routine… So I have dry skin and I use a retinol that has hyaluronic acid (only at night 3 times a week). I was wondering if I can layer it with CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, this product also contains hyaluronic acid. I have heard a lot of reviews that if you use too much hyaluronic acid you skin will become irritated and puffy. Should I layer my skin with this cream or use another cream?

  4. Mikaela Morante

    Girl, aside from making great reviews, your effort in focusing on products that are accessible and reasonably priced to us plus replying to the comments…uhm.. I mean..wow!! We'll follow you for the long haul! ❤️😸👏👏

  5. Tyler Hysko

    I’m loving your videos 🙂 I have to say… from one skincare enthusiast to another, guuuurrl! You are putting A LOT of that moisturizer on haha

  6. Bre'An Calderon

    I like it for my body right out of the shower while my skin is still damp. After I put it on my face I put my oil on after the moisturizer soaks in. I have dry to normal skin with sensitivity and occasional acne

  7. alexa jimenez

    Use it on wet skin i hated at first but then i used alot of water on my face and it feels gross but when it absorbs its worth it

  8. Vitamin Cee

    Does your cerave has a sealed in the inside? I bought mine on online in our country and it didn't have a sealed it the inside. I don't know if it is normal and authentic. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  9. Donna Ensminger

    I have dry sentive skin which simple moisturzer the simple replenishing moisturzer or the simple hydrating moisturizer.

  10. Rock N' Roll

    I have it and it just sits on my skin, not hydrating at all. Maybe it's not for my skin type. Also, it didn't break me out

  11. kaits L

    I just started accutane about 2 weeks now and my face is so damm dry. I bought this stuff and it seems to be working. I dont have any dry spots after I put it on.

  12. Eunice Aviles

    I just got this too and it was so hard to spread after serums like bro how am i suppose to avoid wrinkles if I have to rub hard lmao

  13. Karmyn Hernandez

    I don't know why, but this stuff BURNS my face. I wouldn't say I have sensitive skin, maybe I'm starting to get it, if I'm allergic or what. I don't have any allergies from my knowledge. But it's not all going to waste I do use it on my body. I wanted to like this moisturizer but it burns.

  14. Impulse Scares

    How to pause for a second to quickly go follow you on twitter! GODDAMN YOU KNOW YOU GLOWING RIGHT? 💕

  15. Donna Ensminger

    My results from trying the cerave moisturzing cream it way too heavy & it was also mattify on my face. I have dry senstive skin too.can you reccomend any good drugstore moisturzer?

  16. Borja Gámez

    As Dr Dray says try to put the cream
    on your wet face. It is my holy grail, my skin has never been better.

  17. Twirl Nicole

    Can you review some indian skincare Or the one's that are available in india,cos I'm having a really hard time picking fragrance free products that are actually good ,love your vids❤️

  18. fireblocker10

    omg i literally needed this video bc im asian and asians are just known for being crusty and dusty. but gurl i am FRUSTRATED with my dandruff in my scalp. do you have a video on somthin about dandruff or scalp? dont know if you made a video on this but if you do can you reply it? skin is just a devil on my shoulded that eont go away

  19. Anju Gurung

    Where are you from ? I really like the way you put your opinion and thoughts about every product. You won’t believe me that I was convinced to try Neutrogena hydro boost gel cream as I was so in dilemma between water gel and gel cream and I must say I should agree with gel cream . I am happy with it . Will never miss your video

  20. Embyrsong

    I use this stuff and I like it, but I also dont like it 😂 Like, it makes my face feel softer than a baby's butt. BUT I think it breaks me out a little bit, especially on my neck. It also makes my face look 50 shades of shiny and I hate my face looking like that lol. So once I use this up(good god its going to take awhile), I'll switch to the lotion. Because the key difference between the lotion and this is that the lotion doesnt contain petrolatum! I think that may help out my shiny as fuck face situation and breaking out, but idk until I try it

    Edit: I do have combo skin, normal cheeks, oily asf nose, dry and textured forehead. Probably the weirdest combo.

  21. Lulu145

    This is how I feel about the night cream. It's matte and I feel like it's sort of waxy and sits on the surface and it pills off. I know you said it won't get in the skin if I put it over an oil, but that's the only way I like it. Doesn't pill. I feel like it's lacking oil and seems more like paste from childhood art class.

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