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How To Setup a Stackmat With csTimer!

Time stamps:

1:15 Desktop OSX
4:35 Laptop OSX
7:03 Windows 7
8:24 Firefox

I hope this helps you guys get your stackmat timer setup with csTimer! The biggest keys are making sure you’re on the https version of csTimer and if you have a laptop with a mix aux jack, you need the USB Microphone adapter. I haven’t tested it on every OS, but there shouldn’t be any reason this doesn’t work on nearly every platform (including Linux). Having this setup can be a great way to practice competition style at home without having to annoyingly enter every time. I used to practice 2×2 by manually entering times and this definitely would have saved me a bunch of time.

USB Audio:
2.5mm to 3.5mm cable:

My color scheme:
My Team Cubicle Profile:
My website with 2×2 algs and more:

Nguồn: https://summerlyn-apts.com

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39 Responses

  1. ben

    okay so what if i do all this and it still isnt getting input and just has the lines? is it necessary to use the port on the front? on my desktop none of the ports on the front are actually connected to the motherboard

  2. SaboTAJ Cubing

    Mine always stops at 0.07 or 0.06!! I know its not me accidentally touching it. Please help someone…
    Im using a MacBook Air (11-inch, Early 2015) anyone know how to fix this issue?

  3. GreenPower713

    Do you know if a TRS cable works or if we need a TRRS? I have a TRS and am not sure where is the problem, since my computer doesn't seems to be picking any signal from my timer (no mic detected)

  4. ImVisualz

    Mine works but… It stops at 0.00x like 50% of the time… Anyone knows how this is possible? I disabled other mics, and tried different volumes from the stackmat and disabled agc, nothing seems to make a difference.

  5. Top Scream

    I got frustrated, cause i found a cable where microphone and headphone split into different aux's, and then there is an input in the end of the cable, i tried connecting microphone-aux of that cable into my laptop, and then connecting from there to the stackmat with a 3,5mm – 2,5mm aux cable, didn't work. I got mad, so my brain started thinking of old PS2 singstar, which has a usb cable you put into the ps2, and then connect the microphones individually with the aux ports that are in the end of that usb thing, so i decided to try it. BUUT, singstar made the slots for the aux cables too thin for my cable to fit in there (its like an aux port but with a thicker "cave" before the actual aux port begins) so what i did, was, i took the thicc cable end, and a knife, and started carving carefully so it would fit in there. After a while it did, and it works, kinda. I never thought it would actually work, i wanted to try it kind of as a joke, but it actually worked, but barely, if you want the time to register into the site you have to refresh the site, otherwise nothing happens.

  6. Tachyon Pixel

    i did absolutely EVERYTHING and it's STILL not working, I secured it, allowed mic, used usb adapter, changed the system device, etc. help plzzzzzzz

  7. iamdoriian

    I like firefox more because I always forget that my mac is set to use usb input and I have to change it back.


    it used to work, but now when ever i life my hands normally it just messes up and does 0.00x

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