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CRM For Small Business | Best FREE Customer Relationship Management Software (2020)

CRM For Small Business | Best FREE Customer Relationship Management Software (2020)

Today I talk about CRM and the best FREE CRM software for small business owners that require a good CRM software that will help supercharge their small business.


01:12 What is CRM
02:05 Best CRM For Small Business

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, this is a software and system that allows you and your business to swiftly manage the interactions with your customers and clients.

Use the link below if you are ready to get started with HubSpot, an amazing FREE small business CRM:
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Here are a few benefits to a good CRM software 👇

► Customer retention.
► Customer relationship development.
► Increase customer experience and satisfaction.
► Increase communication for your team, prospects, and customers.

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15 Responses

  1. Stewart Gauld

    Hey team, If you're ready to get started with an amazing FREE small business CRM, check out the link in the description above. This is the CRM we use. Enjoy the video!

  2. Тамирлан Джардемгали

    Hi, i speak english little bit , how it can be free? And why is it free? Who pays for this free project? I hope u understand my english)

  3. Amtul Quddus

    The success of firms revolves around how well they sustain their connections with customers. However, businesses are still suffering on this consumer side of things. Hence, delivering the wrong initial opinion of themselves. But fellows, it’s presently 2020, the most digitized and customer-centric era, where a dull impression is not affordable. Luckily, CRM Softwares famous for automating and managing sales and marketing cycles

    They also provide tools to watch the performance and productivity of businesses. Though the problem is solved, the real challenge is about to begin, which is to pick a CRM with features that get along with your business’s transactions and your team.

    Here are  some essential CRM Softwares features listed down in this article which are must have.

    Count on the long-run benefits and choose a CRM which has all these features

    To read the full article click here: https://www.xcentricservices.com/crm-features-that-your-business-must-have/

  4. Kiran Bajpai

    Hubspot is definitely one of the best CRM for small businesses. HubSpot is a popular free CRM solution that is part of the HubSpot’s sales productivity suite and is linked to the same database used by HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot Sales.
    Get a free demo at SoftwareSuggest https://www.softwaresuggest.com/us/crm-software

  5. Pipeliner CRM

    You can also check pipeliner CRM youtube channel for sales CRM related videos. Check out the videos and get to know how Pipeliner CRM powerful features is managing time and money for businesses.

  6. Anders Forssell

    I'm using Restya, it's a free CRM. As I'm a small business owner, Restya is good enough for me. I loved it.

  7. abhishek desai

    Thank you for the video but I have one question how much is this secure and and it will not share my leads to any third party?

  8. Jordan Marie Schilleci

    Thank you so much. My business doubles each year, and I wasn't using a good enough CRM. Your video has persuaded me to download and use HubSpot. Fingers crossed this can help me keep all my new clients, aka friend, in one spot other than my "all over the place" brain! Thanks again!

  9. rajuahmedtm

    Hello Stewart, I would like to have a video that showed how hubsopt works, how to import/export prospects etc

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