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Counter-Strike: Source console cheats

Hi guys, this week you will see Counter-Strike Source console cheats. You can use these console cheats in an offline game against bots and on LAN servers hosted by you. Before using cheats you will need to type “sv_cheats 1” command in the console.

★ This video is made my courtesy of Valve Corporation.

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► 01:34 you can use below give weapon commands:

give weapon_ak47
give weapon_awp
give weapon_m4a1
give weapon_deagle
give weapon_scout
give weapon_famas
give weapon_galil
give weapon_aug
give weapon_flashbang
give weapon_hegrenade
give weapon_ smokegrenade
give weapon_sg552
give weapon_g3sg1
give weapon_sg550
give weapon_glock
give weapon_usp
give weapon_p228
give weapon_elite
give weapon_fiveseven
give weapon_m3
give weapon_xm1014
give weapon_mac10
give weapon_tmp
give weapon_mp5navy
give weapon_ump45
give weapon_p90
give weapon_m249

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  1. Short Black

    i have a script for seeing through walls and smoke and flashes because i am an admin in my server but i am having trouble figuring out where i would place my script file any suggestions?>

  2. BooZerra

    1:31 Tip:
    If your camera is at the side of your camera, type in the console; cam_idealyaw 1

    Like this if it useful! 😀

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