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Cider Poached Pheasant, Root Veg Mash, Cider Sauce & Game Chips #SRP #Gamehero

A Cracking dish, tastes amazing and is so simple to make, a great way to use your pheasant..

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TheScottReaProject.All About The Butchery,Preparation,And Cooking Of,Great British,Meat,Fish And Wild Game.By Scott Rea.Master Butcher/Fishmonger.Former Butcher Of The Year.Self Taught Cook/Frustrated Chef.Cooking Simple And Delicious Seasonal Dishes Through The Year.Pleased To Meat You..

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50 Responses

  1. Paul Stamford

    That's the one how to cook a skinned pheasant with magners garlic and I can't remember the cabbage but it was lovely best recipe ever so far cheers Scott and I have done goose but I did it just as a steak was lovely I have been really lucky this year friends giving me the game I wanted.

  2. Paul Stamford

    Around our way in Lincolnshire they were doing the same what a waste I have had many tips from yourself my fav is the pheasant in the pot with cabbage I did mine with shallots and don't forget the cider lol


    Scott You inspire me! I'm not familiar with pheasant, Why do you hang it in this machine and is it refrigerated? Genuine question! I'm hungry now!

  4. Rory Hurr

    Scott I really enjoy your cooking you seem like a down to earth genuine guy thanks for your work. Also, I appreciate your comment on the unforgivable nature of killing for the sake of killing.

  5. echo-echo

    It seems a pity to waste the beautiful feathers…..that said, you tube turned my bell off!! Wondered why you weren't posting

  6. Ira Stakeknife

    Scott try standing on the wings of the pheasant and pull away from you. Just left with the breast and wings.

  7. RBZILLA31

    Hi Scott always love your work and videos i missed out on your first book any chance of another lot being made or know where i can get one Im in australia cheers champ

  8. Jake

    "Thicky!" I love it!

    As an American who bird hunts, I'm intrigued by the European tradition of hanging your game to air-dry until it is "high". That fridge at the beginning of the video: is that some sort of humidity-controlling device for resting game prior to cooking?

    Americans typically eat our game birds the same day. I'd love to start hanging my game birds but don't think any of my American friends would believe the meat safe to eat, nevermind it actually becoming more delicious.

  9. Peter Doe

    Looks fantastic, Scott! One Grandma's trick about poaching is cooking your meat on a saucer or a dish plate. Sounds funny? You put a saucer or dish plate in your pot. So the meat will never be in contact with the hotter base of the pot. Only boil in the overall temperature of your stock. Like you try to avoid it in low-temperature cooking. Works amazing with beef.

  10. One Little Indian

    I cook a lot of game meat. I live off grid in the woods. Could you do a video on hanging and aging fowl? Hard to find info…

  11. HalfQ

    Yeah thats has all the answers to the super yum question. It meses me up when game doesnt get plucked, I grew up the old way. Least you took the legs to.

  12. jodonbaker43

    Scott Rea you should be ashamed of yourself posting these videos.I am going to the food police and reporting you as I cant stop salivating.What a lovely dish.

  13. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    I'm sorry what did you say ? Some dicks shots some birds and buried them ??? W T F Is wrong with them ? Utter waste of humanity those kinds

  14. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    That's thumb nail grabbed me and sucked me in ! Not sorry I clicked at all. I have duck tonight not home made but it's still not bad

  15. Aaron Begg

    Start the breasts in cold liquid instead of hot, to reduce the thermal gradient between inside and outside of the breast. More even = more better.

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