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CETAPHIL OR CERAVE? Cerave Moisturizing Cream vs. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

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39 Responses

  1. Burcu Leman Yavuz

    I have a question did the Cerave moisturizing cream have a protetction lid on on the inner side before u opened it?

  2. Wei Han

    If you develop pimple over night, it’s more likely an allergic reaction than breakout, as pore clogging dose not happen after just one use.

  3. Leyla Brown

    The Cerave cream is actually intended for both the body and face because the brand explained it in their website

  4. Kelly

    I just bought that same Cetaphil cream – it looks like they have updated the container. Mine now says it can also be used as a great overnight cream for your face. I love it!

  5. Robin Elizabeth

    Yay thank you! I just bought a tub of the Eucerin cream and was excited to find a thicker cream that doesn't break me out, but I want to try these next!

  6. I’m Pickle Rick

    i heard Cerave is for sensitive skin but my skin keeps getting so irritated and dry when i use it. No other moisturizer work and i have dry skin😫 Help!

  7. William Saavedra

    Ik I am 3 months late but at 7:39 I am a guy with really dry skin. Not like eczema however I can use heavy creams and products without breaking out. I find that it helps maintaining the (little amount of) moisture that my skin exudes. So I saw other people recommending was applying the cream while the face is wet, which does help, however I feel that it feels better on my skin (hydrating) when I apply a different thinner moisturizer or a humectant and use the CeraVe more as of an occlusive.

  8. delightful

    I was one of those people who SWORE by cerave, and I used this moisturizer for months and loved how hydrating it is, but gradually I started to notice that it started to clog my pores and it just kept getting worse, it says it’s “non comedogenic” on the back, but I honestly don’t think it is. Be careful, I have so many bumps now, basically clusters of closed/clogged pores, and the texture is horrible 🙁

  9. J Patrick

    I LOVE Cerave! I use it as a body moisturizer but was wondering if I could use it on my face. Thanks!! Winter is a skin destroyer!!

  10. nobodyaskedtf

    i used ceraVe and my skin broke out so i’m trying cetaphil. update: i’m using cetaphil is soo good !!

  11. Gianlucas Toyshow

    I’ve tried both and CeraVe broke me out and I started getting a stinging feeling after a week. I’ve been using Cetaphil for a week now and I love it! I haven’t had any issues at all or stinging or any redness. (I have very very dry sensitive and dry skin, I also live in very dry and cold climate)

  12. Dee Hall

    As someone with dry skin, Cetaphil is far better at moisturising than Cerave, Cerave feels like a thick mask with no actual visible benefits

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