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35 Responses

  1. Matt Randon

    US: https://amzn.to/387F3Ld
    UK: https://amzn.to/2RadU31

  2. Chanel B

    I typically have oily skin but after starting retinol, and all my other treatments, my skin is dryyyyy. Got the CeraVe cream and it feels amazing!!
    And so glad you reminded people to bring the skincare down their necks. I would say even take it down to your chest!
    You need way more subscribers!

  3. Cara S

    Hi Matt, I loved your video! I m going to buy this lotion. May I ask, can I use this lotion with my vitamin c serum ? I'm asking cause I know it has niacinamide

  4. Allenn Tan

    Hello Matt, you are doing very good on your presentation and they are very helpful. I learnt that you been eating healthy, taking care of the skin but yet still encounter break-out……I suggest that you should cut away dairy products, especially milk related if you been taking. It might do you some improvement in weeks. By the way, having you heard about the brand "Aesop"? If yes, it would be nice to hear your feedback on this brand. Thank you. ❤️🤩

  5. yanny octavia lingga

    What are differeces between cerave moist lotion n cerave PM ingredient?? Can we use the PM one as AM moisturizer before the suncream??
    Can we layer vit c serum with moisturizer that contain niacinamid?? Hope u reply it tx😁

  6. Ashley Pauley

    I accidentally bought this meaning to get a cerave face moisturizer. Would this one be ok for face? I have acne prone skin.

  7. Russel Pidot

    Subscribed! ❤️ I ordered one yesterday on Amazon which will probably arrive by the end of the month since I'll have it delivered here in Philippines.

  8. Y K

    What about the parabens in it ? A dermatologist I follow on tiktok said the parabens in cerave are fine. and safe. But we have always been told to avoid them. Sooo confused

  9. Lulu145

    I'd be interested to find out what you think of the cerave night cream in the white and purple small jar. I personally don't like it and was surprised because it gets such good reviews. I wanted to like it. If you don't either it'll give me a better idea of what you like and if I should try certain ones you like.

  10. jmiller055

    FYI… this is the lotion version, not the cream. I use this lotion in the warmer months because it's lightweight, it's great! CeraVe makes the same moisturizer in a cream formulation…it's the same ingredients, just adjusts the amounts of certain ingredients to make it thicker. The cream is nice when you need a heavier moisturizer. The label on the front looks the same but it says "cream" instead of "lotion" and it comes in a small tube or tub-like container. You will love it too!! 🙂

  11. Riri

    Heyyy does this moisturizer clog your pores because I’ve tried sooo many moisturizers and they either break me out or clog my pores ?

  12. Maliha Chowdhury

    I have oily acne prone skin. Is it heavy and greasy in very hot humid weather? Even simple hydrating light moisturiser is heavy for me in the summers of my country

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