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CCTV Icon – An Interview with Keanu Reeves

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  1. elodie_ bnt

    Waow, this interview is sooo different from what we're used to watch, like the interviewer doesn't try to make jokes, he just listens to Keanu and the audiance has so much respect and just listen you know, keeping their reactions for themselves. It really is the Chinese state of mind I guess. It's impressive.

  2. Inna Petrova

    Киану подходит когда он поправившийся и килограммы ему к лицу! Обаятельный и весёлый мужик! Ум талант и харизма-залог его успеха!

  3. Laura Baker

    Keanu Reeves your a great looking kiss ass fighter * film director actor * model * creator*musician dancer* sweetheart of a maN.
    Do you like Bulgogi ?😍

  4. Linda Cornett

    KEANU I'm sooooo sorry for your loss even if you weren't close and he did what all he did you must feel the loss xoxoxo 😎

  5. Joel Grice

    Keanu Reeves is the most handsome, talented, generous, and charismatic actor in the United States. He is a very Down-to-Earth Gentleman, as indicated from his interview, and he should be admired for the fine man he is, which is not at all like the pompous type individuals, which most well-know actors appear to be.

  6. Lucy Foster

    So, the film Man of Tai Chi didn't do so well in China as it's backers had hoped (don't think it was even theatrically released in the US..)–can someone tell me how the film was perceived by the Chinese? (US critics were generally OK with it)

  7. SaBi NuKi

    It's the first time I see Keanu so relaxed, so light, so open. Thanks to the lovely host and Chinese audience. He must be feels at home in China. Looks healthy and happy. All the best to him. Good people deserve good things.


    So they are allowed to watch imperialist movies in china! Btw the whole thing is typical of totalitarian country and so cheesy, from the fake accent of the presenter to the cheap close ups from hands also one word dumb general questions! "Any frustrations lately?" Wtf That could apply to any thing! Even the presenter!

  9. Zha Zhaaa

    Please, we get so many talent Chinese, would our CCTV , it is funny as it means monitoring cameras here. would our CCTV, close your eyes to get a host presenter from the audiences and I am sure that will be better. sorry say so but we do get so many people who can convey bloody english with quick mind ,rich topics and easy air humour. Awkward. You are well educated. what did you face to? An actor. An actor. Just an actor.

  10. shescalledirina

    I actually quite liked this interview. The questions were different to what he usually gets, more complex and quite a bit about making of movies; this, for a big movie-goer like me that likes the ins and outs of making a movie, was quite a treat! However, reading these comments, I see why everyone just asks him about his looks and his bikes all the time… sigh…

  11. Amiclare Hutton

    Oh no! I did kick off. I don't know who missed my white swan mask. MAYBE THEY WEREN'T TAUGHT GREEK THEATRE. Opera in mime

  12. Amiclare Hutton

    …anticipatorily hyphened, yh well?!? That taught me something about this world. It isn't hyphened loool.

  13. Amiclare Hutton

    Nah, I'm supposed to write one for you in your real zone, the way I did on Kanye's music. <is this Everyone Says My Name Wrong United?>. I do obligatorarily have to ask where YOU want me to do that. I said China sort of offhand. It's big, yh?

  14. Amiclare Hutton

    They wanna ask about the Rez Evil music. I was sort of doing it over your agent Smith fight. That is selfish if you're Christian because I didn't tell you?!?

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